Flowing Tai Chi in the park

Students flowing Tai Chi in the park Wu Style

Wednesday: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm - See below for directions and details

Flowing Tai Chi in the park in San Diego

What a beautiful way to start a day, practicing Tai Chi at the beach and creating harmony for oneself, the people practicing with you and the world around us.

Students flowing Tai Chi

In the spring of 2008 a student of Master Henry Cheng started Tai Chi in the park. They practice the long form and also the short form.

You can ask any student why they practice Tai Chi and you will get a number of different responses. I know from my own experience as a student at the Tai Chi Wellness Center that if I don't practice Tai Chi my Arthritis in my back gets worse but when I do Tai Chi regularly I feel no symptoms of Arthritis.

Fun with Tai Chi

YOU'RE...never TOO late... to learn and feel the many health benefits of
Tai Chi.

Stay Young at heart, in your mind, body and soul. Come join us, all are welcome, it will calm your mind and you will be surround by wonderful people.

Tai Chi at Tecolote Shores - Wu Style


Tecolote Shores

Right next to Hilton Hotel in East Mission Bay.

Just look for the sign
Tecolote Shores

Hilton Hotel address:
1775 East Mission Bay Drive,
San Diego, CA


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We do not meet in inclement weather -- rain, as if that happens often.
When you come to the park, see Don to get on our "rain cancellations phone list".

This is where we practice Tai Chi but if there is another function going on we have another spot in the same location we use to practice Tai Chi, see second picture below.

Where we flow Tai Chi

Just on the other side of the parking lot is our second spot to practice if the first spot is taken.

Where we flow Tai Chi - second spot

Come flow Tai Chi in the park by the beach.


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